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The night was far from over. 


I was driving and Luke was by my side. I had the door window open; the wind caressed my mouth.He turned his neck slightly to look at the back seat and made a sound I had never heard before. It was kind of like when you step on a rat's tail. The next thing I can remember was staring at his face, his eyes where popping out of their sockets.

He grabbed the wheel and when I pushed him back, he lounged at my arm and started to bite me.We hit the curve and crashed against a post. I opened my eyes, Luke had gone.


A big chunk of my arm was missing, and i could see a trail of blood leading towards the road. I was in shock and losing consciousness. I felt a warm heavy breath at the back of head, like a long animal sigh.

"An Unexpected Passenger"
A Short Story by Nico Tolza
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