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Radio Work

Sonic Trace is KCRW's story-telling project that begins in the heart of Los Angeles and crosses into Mexico and across Latin America.

The World is a one-hour, weekday radio news magazine offering a mix of news, features, interviews, and music from around the globe hosted by Public Radio International (PRI).

The Smithsonian hosts its annual Folklife Festival where you can meet communities from around the world presenting music, dance, crafts, foodways, storytelling, and other living traditions.

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish-language podcast, distributed by NPR, that tells Latin American stories from anywhere Spanish is spoken, including the United States.

Fascinating documentary production and storytelling that covers the ground between the sophisticated and the profane

This series follows the lives of 3 musicians from East Los Angeles leading the revival movement of Psychedelic Rock.

"The Massacre of Tlatelolco has become a defining moment in Mexican history, but for forty years the truth of that day has remained hidden."

From interviewing young musicians, to telling the story of an immigrant crossing the border who gets trapped in slave labor. 

Eric Pearse Chavez is as an independent journalist and radio producer.


On this page, you can find links to his radio work under various news outlets.

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