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Radio ambulante

The story above is on Miguel and Alfredo who cross the US-Mexico border and arrive in New York City.There, they meet and build a friendship based on a love of punk music.

This piece was produced by Eric Pearse Chávez with help from Anayansi Díaz-Cortes, Leo del Aguila, Betto Arcos, and Lu Olkowski.

Flickr user wojohowitz / CC License

Radio Ambulante is a Spanish-language podcast, distributed by NPR, that tells Latin American stories from anywhere Spanish is spoken, including the United States. We seek to bring the aesthetic of high-quality longform journalism to radio. We work with a talented community of storytellers and radio producers from different corners of the continent, while taking advantage of technology to produce, distribute and exchange stories.

For more information on Radio Ambulante, click below.

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