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There was a very strong wind blowing across the platform; human stench protruded everywhere. Thousands of families were making their way towards the train. 


Pushing, shoving, yelling, total chaos was moving towards my window. I felt so relieved that I had secured a seat, thanks to a friend that worked at the station.


All my family had already left the night before, they were safe. The announcement had been made three weeks ago but the cleansing had started last night. 

A fight in a bakery shop had sparked the apocalyptic nightmare throughout the city. Nobody was safe and the threat of eminent death was very real. Nobody could tell where it would come from.   


I had brought with me a metal pipe. I kept repeating in my head "nobody can take this seat from you." My ultimate fear was centered on the word "nobody."  Grandfathers, mothers, children, babies, had all become death. 


The ultimate prehistoric human question thrown at my face, "is it you or them?" I had to survive; my wife and kids were waiting for me.


At this point, everything was happening in slow motion. The hoard moving towards my window; the droplets of cold sweat falling to the ground. 

The dread in the pit of my stomach pulsating, growing, wanting to explode. 


I looked down at my hands, they were clenched around the pipe. This thick piece of metal had become my only hope, my ticket to life.     

A Short Story by Nico Tolza
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